We Will Never Forget You

by Juanita Berrado

I am a sister of Bishop Francisco Garmendia. I attended his funeral with my husband Michael a nephew and 2 nieces. Unfortunately, due to age and illness, our other brothers and sisters were unable to make the trip from Spain.

The love and affection we received from everyone. on the occasion of our brother’s death, both at St. Thomas Aquinas Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We will spend many days and evenings talking about the many kindnesses that were given to our brother and because him to us. We knew his people loved him, but when we saw it openly displayed, it went straight to our hearts. In years past, when he came home on vacations, he would talk about “his people” and how loving they were. But we could not understand until now.

In particular, I would like to thank the Dominican Sisters of  Hawthorne along with their staff and volunteers. There is no place in the world like Rosary Hill. The love and gentle care given to Francisco these last 2-1/2 years is beyond description.  It was especially consoling to hear that on the evening of Monday, Nov. 14, the “Visiting Statue of Fatima” came to Rosary Hill and before leaving was brought down to Francisco’s room.  He passed away on Wednesday the 16th at 11:10am.

To each and every one our prayers. We will never forget you.